Astro Medical Billing is your full-service, one-stop medical billing solution. Our office is in Portland, Oregon, although we serve the entire Pacific Northwest. We use no outside USA employees or contractors. Since each provider and/or practice is unique, we customize our billing services to meet your individual needs.

The trends in health care payments over the past few years have forced professional healthcare providers to be more concerned with billing and accounts receivable than ever before. While insurance carriers pressure providers to accept lower fees for their services, government has redefined rules for public health care plans, and patients have fewer financial resources with which to pay for their health care.

Our billing service can help manage payments, reduce claim rejections, and collect more of the money owed by insurance companies. Providers of all specialties need help in this part of their business. Our team is committed to your financial success while never compromising patient relations. An Astro Medical Billing partnership allows you to focus on patient care and best possible patient outcomes.

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